We searched out Lazaro to get an update on his wife, Prisca. We were so thankful that she had delivered their healthy baby girl by C-section, but we were still concerned about what the doctors found regarding the mass on her uterus that nearly ended in a hysterectomy months earlier.

We found him outside with a smile on his face.

The C-section went well.

The doctor was surprised to find not just one, but multiple masses on her uterus.

He described the masses as looking meaty.

He removed as many of them as he could, but there were other small ones that he was not able to remove. In all, he took out over 2 kilos of masses.

Over 2 kilos.

That’s 5 pounds.

Five pounds.

I was thankful that my in-laws were visiting at the time. Mike’s dad, a Family Practice doctor in Indiana, explained what he thought Lazaro was talking about. By the description that Lazaro gave, he thought the masses were probably benign fibroids. They would most likely grow back and she’d probably have to do something about it eventually, but it wasn’t an emergency situation.

We were all relieved.

Prisca and the baby came home the next day. The General Hospital isn’t a place where you want to hang out for a while. Most people try to get out as soon as they can. Home is a much more comfortable place to recover.


Mike’s dad was able to give the baby a full newborn check up and confirmed what we could see on the outside. She was perfect and perfectly healthy.

We cried more tears of joy over this precious miracle baby.

A baby they named Grace.


Post by Heather Webb

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