Mission Awareness Venture (MAV)

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What is MAV?

MAV stands for Mission Awareness Venture. The program is specifically designed to introduce people to what it would be like to serve in a developing area. HEART village simulates many aspects of developing area living. You may encounter some demanding circumstances. Our desire is to see you grow as you meet these challenges and to help prepare you to answer God’s call to serve those less fortunate than you.

Who can participate in a MAV?

Anyone ages 6th grade through adulthood can participate in a MAV group. We offer the MAV experience for groups ranging from 10 to 50 participants.


How does MAV differ from the regular HEART program?

Typically, a MAV experience is shorter than our normal educational terms. They can be as short as 1 day and as long as 3 weeks. We offer MAVs as an opportunity for you to bring your group (mission team, youth group, social club, etc) to the village for an intense learning experience. Because we do not offer college credit for MAV groups, the learning activities are much more flexible to meet the needs of your specific group.

How much does it cost?

Per person prices are all-inclusive

1 day/0 nights = $30
2 days/1 night = $60
3 days/2 nights = $90
4 days/3 nights = $120
5 days/4 nights = $150
6 days/5 nights = $180
7 days/6 nights = $210

A 15% non-refundable deposit will secure your reservation.
The balance is due upon arrival.

What are the accommodations like?

The HEART Village is very rustic. MAV participants use the same primitive accommodations that our students use. Cabins are furnished with simple bunk beds and dressers. They are not insulated and have no running water or electricity. Toilet facilities are pit latrines. Showers are typically cold and water must be used sparingly.

What does a typical MAV day look like?

MAV groups participate in the daily operation of the village. You awaken early and help with morning chores prior to breakfast. Learning activities will occupy your morning and afternoon sessions with a break for lunch in between. You’ll participate in afternoon chores before dinner and then enjoy a group activity in the evening.

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What will we do for Learning Activities?

Tamasei MAVWe will customize Learning Activities to suit your group’s individual needs. Suggested Learning Activities include:

  • Agriculture and Missions
  • Appropriate Technology for a Developing Country
  • Health Issues for Missions
  • Understanding Different Cultures
  • Animal Care
  • Community Service Project
  • Ropes Course and Team Building.

What should we pack?

Click here for a printable packing list.

Bible, personal devotional material, journal, notebook, pen
Modest clothing that can be worn in layers**
Warm Hat/Scarf/Warm Gloves
Rain Gear
Work Gloves
Sun hat
Rubber Boots or Wet Shoes
Headlamp and/or flashlight with replacement batteries
Camera with replacement batteries
Insect Repellant
Toiletries and personal supplies
Personal Medication
Reusable Water Bottle
Laundry Soap (depending on the length of your experience)
Musical Instruments

**People are always surprised at how COLD it gets at night in the village between October and March. Because the cabins are not insulated, bring plenty of warm bedding and clothing so that you’ll be comfortable.

This sounds awesome! What’s the next step?

Fill out and return this form or contact info@heartvillage.org to start planning your personalized MAV group. We’re excited to have you in the village!

Note: A 15% non-refundable deposit will secure your reservation.

Each member of your MAV group should fill out the
Medical Release Form
Media Release Form.

All forms will be collected upon arrival.

What are people saying about MAVs?

Anna, MAV leader of 54 middle school students

You guys were fantastic. Not only did you teach them so much explicitly, but in all your actions you demonstrated how they might become adults who shape their lives to match their values. They left feeling more powerful than when they arrived and perhaps humbler understanding their privileges in this world.

Joseph, MAV participant

I wanted to say I had an amazing time. I loved the process of working for your food. I can’t wait to go back!

Mark, Youth Pastor

HEART is an incredible place to get really practical training and preparation to go wherever God leads! Take a deeper look into an incredible opportunity.

Gabe, Pastor – brought 12 men for a weekend retreat

We had such an incredible time, the Lord really blessed our stay. I’ve been inspired to get our well pump fixed and encouraged my wife to make the garden bigger. ☺


Through your giving, you are helping us prepare the next generation of servant leaders around the globe.

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Through your giving, you are helping us prepare the next generation of servant leaders around the globe.


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