Village Nursery

We offer unique edible plants from around the world,
specializing in perennial vegetables and fruits.

We aim to provide quality plants at affordable prices as a service to the community. The plants we offer are locally adapted and well-suited for edible landscaping, permaculture and community gardening. Nursery sales help support the HEART Village educational facility which trains students to serve in poverty relief work and missions around the world.

Less Than 1 Gallon


1 Gallon Pots


3 Gallon Pots


*Specialty items may vary in cost. Nursery sales help support the HEART educational facility.

Potential Future Stock in the Nursury:

Availability changes throughout the year, call ahead to check what we have in stock

African Basil


Brazilian Spinach

Cattley Guava

Cranberry Hibiscus

Cuban Oregano

Edible Hibiscus

Garlic Chives


Jamaican Cherry


Longevity Spinach


Mexican Sunflower

Mint (#1)


Mulberry (Estero Giant)


Peanut Butter Fruit


Perennial Sweet Pepper

Pigeon Pea


Pink Cracker Jack Rose


Ruby x Supreme Guava

Thai Basil


Tree Daisy

Vietnamese Cilantro


Sales and tours are by appointment only

You can contact the HEART office at (863)-638-1188 to schedule an appointment.

*Check first about availability if you are seeking a particular plant species. Plant availability is subject to change based on demand or time of year.