Become a Student

Become a Student at HEART Village

Intestested in becoming a student at HEART Village? Please take the time to browse through our informational pages on what it’s like to be a student at HEART, the kinds of programs we offer and how to enroll as a student at our village. If you have any immediate questions please contact us!


We’ll walk you through the steps you’ll need to take if you want to enroll at HEART Village.

15 Week Program

Our 15 Week Program takes students through a 3 phase process to address the most basic needs for self-reliant living.

3 Week Program

The 3 Week Program is a condensed and intensive version of the 15 week semester program.

Courses & Materials

We offer a wide range of courses here at the village. Each course is designed to better equip students for self-reliant living.

Student FAQs

Have questions about student life at HEART Village? Take a look at our FAQs to see if your question is answered here.


Any person may apply who has been accepted as a student in the HEART Institute and is a part of an evangelical church or missions agency.