3 Week Program

HEART provides a 3 Week Program to
meet the needs of all potential students.

The 3 Week Program is a condensed and intensive version of the semester program. It is possible to earn 3 credit hours for the coursework during these intensive terms. Contact academics@heartvillage.org to ask if earning credit is an option for you.

Upcoming Terms

January Term 2023

January 3rd – 26TH

May Term 2023

May 8th – May 26th

*Term dates are tentative and may change by a day or two.


For College Credit: $1,670.00
Not for College Credit: $1,020.0

*Note: The cost of housing and food for a spouse or children is the same as students. If children are under the age of 12, the cost is half.
*Prices are subject to nominal increases.

While at HEART

As a student during one of our 3 week May terms, you will take the same classes as our semester students. While the range and depth of subject matter covered in these terms is not as extensive as the semester course, you will still be taught with the express purpose of giving you a working knowledge of practical and basic skills that will make your contribution in developing areas greater. The skills you learn will also be ones that will help improve the quality of life of the people you are preparing to serve.

While at HEART, you will live and learn in a simulated developing world village. This allows you to experience what life is like without most modern conveniences that the developed world takes for granted. Showers are solar heated, laundry is done by hand and the cabins have no electricity. You will be assigned chores and have an active part in the upkeep of the animals, garden, and meal preparation. In this way, you can experience what you would be dealing with on a day-to-day basis in a developing area. As a 3-week term student, you will experience Phase 1 (simulated isolation) for the duration of your time at HEART

Living at this simple level creates a unique sense of community in the village. As a result of constantly living, learning, and working together the students have plenty of time to get to know each other well. There are some scheduled activities in the evenings, and the other evenings are often spent studying and sharing together. Cross-cultural experiences are provided through worshiping with local Haitian or Hispanic churches, and more often than not an international student is enrolled in the program. The staff is also very involved in the community life and provide a broad range of experience from which the students may glean. Overall, a strong bond of friendship is formed between people who share the same desire to help others improve their quality of life through service with a Christian emphasis.

Become a Student at HEART

The 3 week program offers a great overview of what students learn in the semester program.
It is ideal for those whose schedule will not allow them to study for a full semester.