Field Trips

As an educator, you understand the value of providing a variety of learning opportunities for your students.
At HEART, we do, too.

Imagine being able to expose your students to what life is like for many children in the developing world without leaving Polk County. Located directly behind Warner University, the HEART Institute is a simulated developing world village that can offer a unique outdoor educational opportunity for students of any age.

During their interactive tour of the village, students may wind through the goat pastures, explore the organic garden, witness the effects of natural verses chemical fertilizers or experience the hardship of living with a limited water supply. 

Schedule Your Field Trip

We’ll do our best to tailor your class’ experience to meet your educational goals.
We have a suggested donation of $5 per student. 

Field Trips usually start at 10am and go until 12pm where we break for lunch.

You can bring a packed lunch or we can provide a farm-to-table meal for a fee of $5 per person.