Can we take just a moment to appreciate how beautiful the HEART campus is?

A view of the student Garden beds from afar.

Our Gardens look good enough to eat:

Mulberries covering one of our bushes.

Part of our Urban Garden section

Leaves from a vine clinging to string in the gardens.

Pretty pink blossoms on a spineless cactus.

Central Florida can be a gorgeous place to live

Looking up at a great shade tree.

Part of our peaceful prayer trail.

A great view of a very tall pine.

The ever-present sunshine Florida is famous for.

A pine sapling by the side of the prayer trail.

The overturned roots of a toppled oak tree.

Our village is nestled into a pretty little spot

Our simulated Mountain Garden with a great view on top.

A look at the duck pond on the left, the edge of the urban garden on the right, and the bottom of the mountain garden at the bottom.

The well students fetch their laundry water from during phase one.

A shot of the swing near the end of the prayer trail.

And Don’t forget about the Animals, both domesticated…

“Uncle Beuford” the water buffalo on the left and some goats in the pastures.

… And Wild.

Just look at the cute little tortoise found near the workshop!

We could go on and on.

The windmill near the entrance to the village.

A welcoming row of clumping bamboo.

The top of the gazebo on top of the simulated mountain garden.

living things still die here, like this pine, but even this can be beautiful in its own way as the cycle of life continues.

Looking up at great old pine.

The best place to spend the evening is in this gazebo across from the HEART office.

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