When you’re a h.e.a.r.t. student, there are certain things that you realize only happen when you’re a h.e.a.r.t. student. Most of which are not thoughts that your average student would have or struggles that an average student would face. So, in honor of all h.e.a.r.t. students, here is an incomplete list of the daily village life struggles.

You know you’re a heart student when…

  1. Someone kills a snake, and you immediately know what’s for dinner.
  2. heart-cartoon-snake

  3. You have to leave the Warner University library early because you forgot to put the chickens away for the night.

  5. The most exciting thing about going out in public is getting to use a regular bathroom.
  6. heart-Anneka-cartoon-bathroom

  7. You haven’t showered in a week and you don’t care (and neither do other villagers, because chances are they haven’t either).

  9. You have a favorite latrine.
  10. heart-Primitive-Toilet

  11. You go days without wearing shoes.
  12. heart-barefeet

  13. You wear the same clothes three days in a row and no one notices.

  15. Outside your cabin is a suitable substitute for a latrine at night.

  17. Your feet haven’t been clean since the first day you stepped into the village.

  19. You turn the duck pond into a swimming pool.
  20. heart-duck-pond-swim

  21. Palmetto bugs and cockroaches don’t even phase you anymore.

  23. Your feet and hands are covered in ant bites at some point, if not all of the time.

  25. You underestimate how cold Florida can get in the winter and under pack.
  26. heart-Anneka-cartoon-warm-clothes

  27. There is sand e.ver.y.where.

  29. No one at Warner University knows you exist, and if they do, they think you’re all a bunch of weirdos living with goats.

Post by Anneka VanVeen