I am sitting on the font steps of the h.e.a.r.t. office as I type this. The cool wind that breezes across my face reminds me of what I use to know of fall, which this Indiana girl misses living in Florida. However, this winter I haven’t once complained about missing the changing seasons. I look out over the village and think about my way of life and how simple it is sometimes, and how slow and quiet it is today.

I squint a little because this sun is bright, but not too bright; it’s kind of perfect, actually. An old Elvis cover is playing peacefully in the background and as the lyrics “take my whole life too” ring through my ears, I am forced to ask do I truly feel that way? Do I want God to take my whole life and make it into what he wants for and from me or am I forcing myself into a mold that He never fashioned with His hands but one that I have created for myself.

Generation Y, yes, is a generation of paradox. And those of us that have preceded them are trying to fit them into a mold, better yet a model, that we have created. They are doing more then breaking that mold, they are disrupting it in such a why that tables are being over turned and commerce is being done differently. All because they are new on the scene and life has never been done the way they are doing it. Sound familiar?

Christ completely changed the game.

What about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, JFK, and Martin Luther King, Jr. They broke the mold of what was socially acceptable. They acted out of the norm and they changed the world, and it cost them their lives.

Will we make the necessary changes to adapt to this generation or will we blame them for what’s wrong in the world. Can we take a step back, loosen the grip and allow them to change the world?

This is something that I wrestle with, too. I have been conditioned to be a leader and too often in that leadership I want to control the situation. I think this generation has a lot to teach me. I, for one, am excited to be the student again. Join me and learn something new!

Post by Faith Gallian