It was a surreal day. A surreal week. A surreal decade, really. When the doctor turned on the ultrasound machine, I immediately saw my little bean shaped baby and her heart beating wildly. It’s no wonder that my breath caught in my throat and I burst into tears.

Our interaction a few moments earlier explained to the Dutch doctor why I was so emotional…

“We’ve been trying to have a baby for quite some time, so when I had a positive pregnancy test this week, we were pretty shocked.”

Her eyes remained focused on my file and she continued taking notes as she replied, “Oh, really? How long have you been trying?”

“Nearly 9 years now.”

Her pen stopped in mid air and she looked up from her paper “Well, this is something, isn’t it?”

Looking at that little screen we were speechless. And overwhelmed. And overjoyed.

Nine years. Nine years of praying. Nine years of hoping. Nine years of disappointment. Nine years of trying to trust. Nine years of specialists. Nine years of trying to praise. Nine years of tears. Nine years.

Nine very. long. years.

Nine years of a chapter of life that came to an abrupt end with seeing the heart beat of our precious little baby. An end and a beginning all rolled into one sacred moment. In that moment, we closed one chapter and opened a new one that most Americans don’t have the opportunity to experience. Americans by birth. Living and ministering in Tanzania, East Africa. Experiencing a miraculous pregnancy in a land and culture far from home…

Post by Heather Webb