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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, equip and empower Christian workers with practical skills in cultural adaptation, problem-solving and community development for the purpose of meeting the needs of the hungry and oppressed while sharing the good news of God’s love.

Who We Are

“HEART” stands for Hunger Education And Resource Training. We are a school for cross-cultural workers and missionaries. Our campus is designed as a functioning simulation of a developing world village and demonstration farm. Students, visitors and volunteers come here from around the world to gain practical experience and valuable knowledge. We strive to teach a holistic perspective on ministry focused on cultivating genuine relationships, working to improve the quality of life and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ’s unique worldview.

Become a Student!

HEART curriculum components are designed to address the most basic needs for self-reliant living. Our program is geared towards students with a heart for missions in developing countries and spreading the gospel to those who don’t know the good news of Jesus Christ. Both our programs will equip students with the skills needed to live and connect with others in developing countries.

Donate to HEART

Hunger Education And Resource Training is a registered not for profit, faith-based organization. We rely on student fees for half of our programming. The other half comes through generous donations of individuals, sponsors, and churches. Financial gifts are given toHEART to help support programs, scholarships for students, campus improvements, and infrastructure changes for the future. Through your giving, you are helping us prepare the next generation of servant leaders around the globe.

Volunteer With Us!

We have need for skilled and unskilled workers year round. You can come for a day or organize an extended volunteer trip with your church or community group. We also have opportunities to volunteer on a weekly basis. If you have specific skills (carpentry, plumbing, electrician, auto mechanics, etc.) we would love to put you to work!

On The Blog

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Why A Water Buffalo?

Why A Water Buffalo?

“The water buffalo is one of the most widely used work animals in the world.” Says Leah Hagan, HEART Village’s Animal Manager. For good reason too: water buffalos are strong enough to pull heavy loads, and can be milked to add to village nutrition. Water Buffalo milk...

Five Winters With Campers On Mission Sue and Steve Klein

Five Winters With Campers On Mission Sue and Steve Klein

Members of Campers On Mission Sue and Steve Klein return to their home state of Indiana after spending their fifth winter here at the HEART institute as volunteer workers. “We pray every morning for this place and the people here” Says Sue emphasizing that prayer is...